WBIH TV, has had the honor of being broadcast to the Central Alabama “River Region” since 2001. For 18 years, we have felt a warm embrace from the finest people one could ever meet---the people of the Central Alabama River Region. We’d like to thank Central Alabama for watching and supporting  WBIH TV 29; you may never know how much of an encouragement you have been, and continue to be to us.

Viewers have been turning to WBIH TV, for spiritual discipleship, entertainment, and local and regional programming, for almost 20 years now. We are truly blessed to broadcast Nationally renown pastors, such as Pastor David Jeremiah and Pastor John MacArthur. 

Several local church congregations also find WBIH TV, a great venue for sharing the Gospel. We hope that you’ll find sound doctrine and encouragement in the sermons delivered on WBIH TV.

WBIH TV, is home to great locally produced shows, such as  DoeNation Outdoors.  DoeNation Outdoors, truly lives out Jesus' command to feed the hungry, by donating deer meat from their hunts,  to the Elmore County Food Pantry----Great Entertainment, and serving Christ at the same time---its a WIN WIN!  DoeNation will start a new exciting season in August.

The River Region just wouldn’t be complete without some good ole Southern Gospel music from people who have not forgotten where the gift of music comes from. You’ll feel refreshed after sitting down to 30 minutes of “Southern Gospel USA,” which is filmed and produced by Union Spring’s natives, Thomas and Linda Roughton---Truly one of the sweetest couples on TV today.  Also, right after Southern Gospel USA, be sure to catch Country Music USA, also produced by Thomas and Linda Roughton.

If you’ve ever considered filming and producing your own show, WBIH TV, is an incredible venue for it. Our prices for 30 minute spots and even longer, cant be beat---especially when one considers that it will be airing during great viewing hours! Other networks would charge an arm and leg for the time slots your show will air with WBIH TV.

Some of our local businesses, such as Peach Outdoors of Clanton (Mahindra Dealer), Airport Marine in Alabaster, Prattville Outdoors, Prattville Pickers, Chef Lee's, Minnow Bucket, Professional Upholstery, Clanton Tractor & Equipment (Kubota dealer)  Alabama Powersports of Selma, Riverview Auto Sales (Wetumpka), Holts cub Cadet (Tallassee) , have benefited from the exposure WBIH TV provides them; being broadcast into 245000 homes tends to do that for a business. We'd like to thank those advertisers who continue to support and partner with WBIH TV 29.

Let us know if you’d like to do a commercial with us at an affordable rate, and we’ll place your commercial, or show, during hours when people are “up and at em.” Since we’re not owned and controlled by the big fancy Networks, WBIH TV, can air your show and or commercial during great viewing hours at a fraction of the cost of other stations.

We can offer commercial slots of 30 seconds, 1 minute, 30 minute and even longer spots such as an hour or more!  We can produce your commercial, and of course air it as well. If you have a commercial already filmed and ready to go, let us air it for you on WBIH TV.

WBIH TV may not be able to bring you some of the current so called popular shows, such as dating butt naked, while searching for Big Foot; or whatever the fancy network executives have dreamed up this month, however we do feel that if you give us a try, you’ll find something you like on WBIH TV 29.  We sure do thank you for giving us an opportunity of becoming a broadcast channel, that you'll find yourself turning to,  time and time again.